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The Australian Music Examinations Board uses a generic enrolment form for all Written, Classical, and for Leisure exams (including Diploma where applicable), except CPM and Rockschool.

Please complete separate forms for each of your intended practical, written and diploma exams, as they are each filed differently. Requests can be made not to have certain days (reason must be given) but no requests (except on religious grounds) can be guaranteed. Requests for one particular day and time are almost impossible to meet, so always give more than one option.

Print out the form, fill in all the required details and return to the office by e-mail or post with payment as they will not be accepted without this. 

The Examination Timetable page has the dates & fees document. This lists the week numbers, closing dates and fees. 

Please make sure to select the correct enrolment form for the exam you intend to enrol for below.

Enrolment Form [PDF, 135.5 KB]
Updated 22 Feb 2018



Contemporary Popular Music

Refer to the CPM Schedule and Fees document for week numbers, closing dates, fees, conditions and other details. Use the CPM enrolment form as it is necessary for you to inform the AMEB of technical equipment provided by yourself and equipment that the AMEB is expected to supply.


The AMEB is now offering Rockschool exams in Australia to provide globally recognised qualifications in guitar, bass, drums, vocals, piano, band-based keyboards and band.

The AMEB (WA) offer two sessions of Rockschool exams this year.  Please refer to the 2019 Timetable for more information on week numbers, closing dates and other information.  Please print and complete all sections on the Rockschool enrolment form before submitting it to our office.

For more information, please visit

Pages 6-11 of the Teachers' Handbook provide more detailed information on enrolling procedures.

If you are unsure of any aspects of the enrolment process, contact the office.


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