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Since June 2010, candidates have been able to complete written exams in Theory of Music, Musicianship and Music Craft over the internet.

The Australian Music Examinations Board has been inspiring excellence through the generations and is now moving with the times to deliver exams online.

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Online Written Exams

AMEB Online Written Exams are flexible and convenient. Candidates are able to complete their written exams at any time or place where there is a computer and internet connection. Private teachers can ask their students to complete the exam at home or in the music studio. Students studying in a class can complete the exam individually in their own time or at the same time as the rest of their class.

AMEB online exams come with tutorials and practice questions. Candidates can do as many tutorials and practice questions as necessary before moving on to the real thing.

Results for lower-grade online exams (Preliminary to Grade 2 all syllabuses and Grade 3 theory of music) are available immediately. Candidates can review their results against the correct answers to see where they went wrong.

For Grade 3 Musicianship and Music Craft and Grade 4 and upwards in all syllabuses, exams will require some manual marking and thus the results will not be immediately available.

The manual marking system will be new to many users. Information to help users adjust to the manual marking system has been added throughout the process, including where a practice exam is started, when a practice exam is completed and when an exam is started and completed. For manually marked exams:

  • Practice exams can be saved and reviewed with a teacher or parent at any time.
  • Exams will be marked within three to four business days.
  • Users will be notified via email once their exam has been marked.
  • While waiting for their exams to be marked, users can review the answers they submitted.

As with all other AMEB exams, certificates will be mailed out soon after the completion of exams. Certificates for online exams will be identical to those for written exams completed on paper.

Online exams are now available up to Grade 5 for Theory of music and Grade 4 for Music Craft and Musicianship. Higher grade examinations will be released progressively, as will exams in Speech and Performance Theory.

Music Craft Preliminary Grade to Grade 4 exams are only offered as online exams from 2013 onwards. These grades are no longer available as traditional-delivery exams.

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Online Written Exam Registration Process

The registration process on the Online Written Examination website has now been streamlined. A new link has been added called 'How to Use This Site'. This will take you through the relevant processes.

There is also a link for Frequently Asked Questions on the website header. This answers your questions about the new process and explains the new terminology. For technical issues, use the 'Contact Us' tag at the top of the front page.

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Online Theory Courses

Grade 1 and Grade 2 theory of music courses are now available. For information on this exciting new initiative visit the AMEB Federal office or go directly to the new AMEB Theory course site.

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