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If you are sitting exams with the Australian Music Examinations Board, take note of the preparations you need to make to participate.


2019 Exam Dates & Fees
The schedule and fees page provides information on week numbers, closing dates, fees and conditions of enrolment for all AMEB syllabuses.
Practical Exam Enrolments Now Available Online!
AMEB Subject Codes
The AMEB Subject Code Booklet provides the subject codes for all syllabuses.
General Exam Information
The Teachers' Handbook contains information on all assessment services offered, current syllabus news and usage, enrolling and examination procedures, hints for preparing students for exams and general policies.
Country Practical Exams
Find information on AMEB country exam dates and closing dates for enrolments.
Awards Ceremony
Information about our annual awards concert and presentation evening.
This is a list of the current AMEB (WA) music and speech practical examiners and theory markers.





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