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The AMEB Teachers' Handbook is produced as a service to readers in Western Australia.

It  contains a wealth of information on all assessment services offered, current syllabus news and usage, enrolling and examination procedures, hints for preparing students for exams and general policies.





Accompaniment is essential whenever the pieces presented are provided with piano accompaniments, with he exception of extra list pieces.  Voice and all instrumental subjects other than Piano, Accordion, Organ, Electronic Organ, Harp and Classical Guitar, are to be accompanied.  Candidates must provide their own accompanist (who may be the teacher), but the accompanist may remain in the examination room only when actually required.

Where AMEB recorded accompaniments are available, candidates may perform with those recordings in examinations as an alternative to using an accompanist.  If using recorded accompaniments, it is the candidates responsibility to provide and operate suitable equipment for the examination.

Pencil Marks

Before entering the examination room candidates should see to it that all pencil marks which may have been made on their music to indicate general knowledge information are carefully erased.  Marks indicating fingering, bowing or other teaching aids need not be erased.

Page Turning

Teachers and candidates are advised that examiners should not expect examiners to turn pages and adequate steps must be taken to ensure continuity of the music in the performer.  A page-turner may be used by the candidate and/or accompanist.  The page turner may only remain in the room when actually required.


All candidates attending AMEB music practical examinations are required to bring their examination performance repertoire in published editions of the pieces they are presenting.  Published editions include AMEB Series Grade Books and other AMEB publications, standard sheet music, music books or compilations of pieces that are not photocopied.  Any authentic published edition of a piece is acceptable for an AMEB examination.

In addition a photocopy is required of any piece that is not presented from a current AMEB publication (unless playing from memory in which case only the published edition is required).  Such photocopies will be used as reference during the examination and destroyed at the conclusion of the exam.  Pieces which are presented from a current AMEB publication do not require an additional photocopy to be supplied.

Photocopies of any published music used in an examination must be accompanied by an AMCOS Form.

In summary, students presenting for an AMEB exam must bring:

  1. published editions of all their pieces;
  2. a photocopy of any piece not from a current AMEB publication; and
  3. an AMCOS form to accompany any photocopies
For more information on the provisions of the Copyright Act, please refer to the APRA/AMCOS website or contact them on 1300 852 388 or 

Examination Notices

Examination notices will be forwarded to teachers (or addressee on the enrolment form) at least three weeks prior to the scheduled date of the exam.  It is important to check examination notices and immediately advise the AMEB (WA) office of any errors or inaccuracies.  Please advise our office if you have not received your exam notice within the stipulated time frame.

Each candidate must bring his/her notice to the examination.  Candidates for practical examinations must write the titles of their music pieces on the back of the form and present the notice to the examiner on the day.

Practical Examination Reports

Please note that all candidates who sit for a practical exam will receive the report and certificate, where applicable, within two weeks of completing the exam.


Current information relating to country examining dates, the Awards NightP Plate Piano, teacher workshops and other matters of interest can be found on this website along with state office and examination centre details.

For details on new information required on enrolment forms, visit the Subject Codes page.

If you have any queries relating to any information contained herein, contact the office.

All staff at the AMEB office look forward to interacting with you in 2018 as the AMEB continues to expand its examinations and teacher support services throughout WA.


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