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Cancellations and Transfers

No refunds are given in the case of cancellations or withdrawals. Once an enrolment has been made, a transfer may only occur subject to space availability and payment of the Transfer Fee. Transfers from one examination year to the next are not possible.

Candidates who are unable to present themselves for their exams must notify the AMEB(WA) office forthwith, and at least 48 hours before the exam, in order to be eligible for transfer concessions. A transfer fee of $55 will apply to all grade and diploma transfers.

Where a cancellation is undertaken on medical grounds, a credit note for half the grade fee will be issued if a current medical certificate (maximum two weeks old) is supplied to the AMEB office within five working days of the scheduled exam date. The candidate will have 12 months in which to use the credit note.

A late fee ($50 - single candidate; $115 - 3 to 5 candidates) is incurred if an enrolment is submitted or an envelope containing (an) enrolment(s) is postmarked after the closing date. Please refer to the AMEB(WA) Schedule and Fees document for details of all conditions and service charges.

Nondisclosure of Personal Details

Personal details supplied by teachers, candidates, examiners or other employees are not provided to individuals or organisations outside the AMEB without the express permission of those concerned. The AMEB does not supply ‘teacher lists’ to those who request them.

Issues and Concerns

AMEB(WA) has established procedures for addressing issues or concerns raised by teachers, parents and candidates. If you have an issue or concern, write to The State Manager, AMEB(WA), 35 Stirling Highway, M421, Perth 6009. If it is about a particular examination, please include a copy of the report. All issues and concerns will be investigated in a confidential and professional manner. AMEB(WA) will attempt to resolve them to the satisfaction of all parties concerned. A set of Guidelines is available on request from the WA office.

Tuning of Instruments

The following policy will apply in instrumental exams where the syllabus allows for examiner assistance with the tuning of instruments.

  • Examiners are to spend no more than one minute tuning an instrument during the scheduled exam time, given that fundamental tuning should have been done prior to the candidate entering the exam room.
  • Examiners are only to assist with tuning when explicitly requested by the candidate or teacher.  If not requested, no tuning is to be undertaken.  Examiners are not to take the initiative in this regard, but simply respond to a request to do so. 

Candidates with Special Needs

The AMEB aims to provide the optimal conditions for all candidates presenting for examination. For candidates with special needs, WA has established practices and policies. When a teacher enrols a candidate who requires special consideration in the examination room for whatever reason, we request that the teacher or parent attach to the enrolment form a detailed letter including any documentation outlining the specific need or disability of the candidate and how best the AMEB can accommodate the candidate in the examination.

Attaching a letter to the Enrolment Form allows the office to have further discussion with the teacher/parent/candidate and then the examiner regarding providing those optimal conditions. It also means that the office has time to allocate a specific time on the exam session (ie start or finish), schedule extra time for the examination or provide any specifically tailored tests.

Please do not have parents or candidates hand a letter to the supervisor or examiner on the day of the examination.

If a candidate, parent or teacher has difficulties negotiating stairs, please request a ground floor examination. There is no lift available in the building.

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