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The week numbers, closing dates, fees and conditions of enrolment for all the Australian Music Examinations Board (WA) syllabuses, including Contemporary Popular Music, are available below.

Please note that you can now enrol for Practical and Theory exams online.

Hard copy enrolment forms are still accepted this year, but please note that an administration fee will apply to all office assisted enrolments from 2020.

The AMEB (WA) hard copy enrolment form is for all syllabuses other than CPM and Rockschool. This form is used for all music and speech practical and written examinations including Induction Tests, P Plate Piano, Performance Evaluation and Diplomas.

Please use the current enrolment form (if enrolling through the office) that is available below. This includes a column for the subject code and one to indicate new or old syllabus.

Also supplied below are the separate CPM Schedule and Fees Document and other Enrolment Forms (used for hard copy enrolments only).

Please refer to the Subject Code Booklet when registering for an exam.

Use separate forms for written, practical and diploma exams. They are filed completely separately.

Write (N) for new or (O) for old in the appropriate column where new and old syllabuses are being examined concurrently.

P Plate Piano: Note that the fee for each of the three P Plate Piano assessments will be $50.

P Plate Piano exams will be offered during the year as per normal piano exams. Send in your enrolment form (use the generic one provided below) as you would for a normal piano exam and we will liaise with you regarding when the exam will be conducted.

Induction Tests: Level 1 $45 Level 2 $50

Performance Evaluation: Level 1 $55 Level 2/3 $90

Contemporary Popular Music: Refer to the CPM Schedule and Fees document for week numbers, closing dates, fees, conditions and other details. Use the CPM enrolment form as it is necessary for you to inform the AMEB of technical equipment provided by yourself and equipment that the AMEB is expected to supply.

Certificate Teacher of Music Australia

Practical Examinations

  • CTMUSA Section 11                        $ 140
  • CTMUSA Section 111a                    $ 210
  • CTMUSA Section 111b                    $ 210

Theory Examination
  • CTMUSA Section 1                          $ 140

Associate Teacher of Music Australia

Practical Examinations

  • ATMUSA Section 11                       $ 150
  • ATMUSA Section 111a                   $ 240
  • ATMUSA Section 111b                   $ 240

Theory Examination

  • ATMUSA Section 1                         $ 140

Written Examination

Please note that a re-assessment fee will apply on any re-marking of a theory paper that has been marked manually.  This will normally be 50% of the enrolment fee. 

Please remember that written exams take place once per year and we need your entries on/before 31 May 2019!  

Online theory exams can be taken at any time of the year with a computer, broadband internet connection and adult supervision.

Online written examination fees are the same as for all other written exam fees, so refer to the Online & Written Theory Fees document for these costs.

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Examination Timetable and Enrolment Forms

Enrolment Form [PDF, 77.9 KB]
Updated 22 Feb 2019

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Subject Code Booklet

The AMEB requires teachers to state on the enrolment form the subject codes and, where applicable, 'N' for New or 'O' for Old syllabuses.

The subject code is found in the syllabus in the dark block that gives the grade for the subject being prepared and also appears on your notice of examination and report form.

The Subject Code Booklet gives you all the subject codes for all the syllabuses currently in use (as well as being stated in the Manual of Syllabuses).


It is mandatory to write on the enrolment form the subject code and whether you are working from the new or old syllabus, along with all other required information.

If you have any enquiries, feel free to contact us.


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