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The Australian Music Examinations Board provides: i) a national Manual of Syllabuses (Music) that covers a comprehensive range of musical instruments and styles, from beginner to tertiary entrance standard and also includes three different music theory syllabuses; ii) a national Manual of Syllabuses (Speech) that cover a variety of communicative and other speech and drama skills along with a speech theory syllabus and; iii) a Contemporary Popular Music Syllabus with a focus on popular music and jazz styles.

All syllabuses are available as digital downloads from the AMEB's Online Music Shop.

New Piano Syllabus Available Now

On November 15th we launched our new Piano Syllabus and supporting Series 18 educational resources.  This represents the first full review of the Syllabus since 2008 and includes revision of all technical work requirements as well as repertoire.  AMEB has also introduced additional piano examination options including Collaborative Piano and Repertoire exams.  The full Syllabus is available in the 2019 Manual of Syllabuses.

The following educational resources have been published to support the new syllabus:

*Due for release in mid-December

 Visit our dedicated Piano website for more information on launches, AMEB State Office workshops, video resources for teachers and students.


The programs and syllabuses included on this page are designed to provide more options for widening and enhancing the AMEB experience.

School Curriculum and Standards Authority Endorsed AMEB Programs
Students in senior secondary school (Year 10 and beyond) are now eligible to credit AMEB grades towards their Western Australian Certificate of Education.
Online Written Exams
Candidates are now able to complete written exams in music theory, musicianship and music craft at any time or place where there is a computer and internet connection.
P Plate Piano
The three P Plate Piano books are designed to complement a teacher's existing methods for an all-round musical experience and provide perfect preparation for AMEB Preliminary Piano or Piano for Leisure.
Performance Evaluation Programs
The Performance Evaluation Program (PEP) is an AMEB(WA) service available to any person seeking an independent evaluation of their performance on instrument,voice or speech.
Induction Tests
Induction Tests will identify strengths and weaknesses in technical work, pieces, aural tests and general knowledge, and include a general comment or two about progress.


Choose Your Weapon!

We're passionate about all the major rock instruments, so whether you're an indie guitarist, metal drummer or pop pianist or singer, we've got a grade exam that will help you become a more accomplished and well-rounded musician.




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