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Induction Tests offered by the Australian Music Examinations Board (WA) are intended as introductory examination experiences for young students and are especially designed for beginning students as a means of helping them adjust to external examinations.

They give preparatory experiences prior to the normal examinations offered through the AMEB Manual of syllabuses.

Candidates may choose either Induction Test 1 or Test 2 to suit their level of preparation or they can do them both in sequence over a time frame that suits their rate of learning.

A written report will be provided. It will identify strengths and weaknesses in technical work, pieces, aural tests and general knowledge, and include a general comment or two about progress.

As in all AMEB exams the examiner asks general knowledge questions from the music score, therefore original copies of the music must be brought to the examination regardless of whether the candidate is playing from memory or not.

No pass or fail will be awarded and a certificate will be issued.

Follow normal enrolment procedures for practical exams, marking your enrolment form according to the following abbreviations:

Keyboard Induction:
KIT 1 or KIT 2
Violin Induction:
VIT 1 or VIT 2
Viola Induction:
VlaIT 1 or VlaIT 2
Guitar Induction:
GIT 1 or GIT 2
Flute Induction:
FIT 1 or FIT 2
Descant Recorder Induction:
DRIT 1 or DRIT 2
Treble Recorder Induction:
TRIT 1 or TRIT 2

See the 2019 Schedule and fees timetable for week numbers and closing dates. Keyboard is examined in every week of the examining year. Check the timetable for violin, viola, guitar, flute and recorder weeks.

The following documents set out the requirements and fees for each of the instruments.

If you have any further enquiries, do not hesitate to contact our office.

Keyboard Induction [RTF, 1.1 MB]
Updated 3 Jun 2013

Violin Induction [PDF, 361.6 KB]
Updated 2 Sep 2019

Violin Induction [DOC, 343.5 KB]
Updated 3 Jun 2013

Viola Induction [PDF, 369.4 KB]
Updated 2 Sep 2019

Viola Induction [DOC, 317.5 KB]
Updated 3 Jun 2013

Guitar Induction [PDF, 224.2 KB]
Updated 2 Sep 2019

Guitar Induction [RTF, 217.7 KB]
Updated 31 May 2013

Flute Induction [PDF, 120.6 KB]
Updated 2 Sep 2019

Flute Induction [RTF, 2.1 MB]
Updated 23 May 2013

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