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All students attending the Australian Music Examinations Board examinations are required to bring their examination performance repertoire in published editions of the pieces they are presenting.

Published editions include AMEB Series Grade Books and other AMEB publications, standard sheet music, music books or compilations of pieces that are not photocopied. Any authentic published edition of a piece is acceptable for an AMEB examination.

In addition, in Western Australia, a photocopy is required of any piece that is presented from a publication other than a current AMEB publication. A current AMEB publication is any AMEB Grade Book that is referred to in the most recent AMEB Manual of Syllabuses.

Such photocopies will be used as a reference during the examination and destroyed by the examiner at the conclusion of the exam. Kindly note that pieces which are presented from a current AMEB publication do not require an additional photocopy to be supplied.

Photocopies of any published music used in an examination must be accompanied by an Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society Form from APRA/AMCOS. A sample AMCOS Form is posted here and you are legally entitled to make additional photocopies of it for your use should you wish. Alternatively, any of the standard forms may be downloaded from AMCOS.

In summary, students presenting for an AMEB exam need to bring:

  1. published editions of all their pieces
  2. a photocopy of any piece not from a current AMEB publication:
    • the photocopy needs to be marked with the words 'Examination copy only'
    • the AMEB will destroy the photocopy immediately after the exam
  3. an AMCOS Form to accompany the photocopied music (all photocopied pieces can be listed on one form).
AMCOS Form [PDF, 137.3 KB]
Updated 29 Oct 2014

AMCOS Form [RTF, 169.9 KB]
Updated 29 Oct 2014


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