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The evening began with a wonderful concert which highlighted the talents of some gifted young Western Australian musicians and speech performers. All gave outstanding technical, entertaining and musical (in the case of the instruments) performances.

Please read the program for the full details of the concert. There was a balanced program of speech, piano, guitar, flute and violin. The highlight of the concert was undoubtedly the final item by A J Leckie Award Winner for best Associate Diploma candidate in 2012 (Violin) William Huxtable whose brilliant performance, enhanced by the commanding accompaniment of Dr Luciano Trebse warranted an encore of audience appreciation.

Following the concert was the presentation of awards starting with all Certificate of Excellence recipients. These candidates received an A+ for their music or speech practical exam from grade 1 to Certificate, 100% for their grades two to three written exam or 95% and over for their grade four or upwards written exam.

During the evening other award winners were also recognised with special prizes for outstanding achievements in their discipline (apart from the ones mentioned above). All received Award with Distinction in their examinations. These were:

Georgia Knox and Alex Lester:
joint Anita Le Tessier Award winners for best Speech Certificate candidate/s
Brianna Wotzko:
Speech and Drama Teachers Association Award for best Associate Speech candidate in 2012
Alexandra Toussaint-Jackson:
Owen Fisenden Award for best 5th/6th grade Flute candidate in 2012 and
Rita Fernandes:
Australian Strings Association WA Award for best 7th/8th Grade Strings candidate in 2012.

The final highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Associate and Licentiate Diploma awardees as well as a Fellowship in Music Australia (FMusA) awardee Louise Sandercock (Violin) to the audience. Successful diploma candidates need to pass a high level practical performance examination as well as a separate additional written component and deserve special recognition for their achievements. Before presenting the successful diploma candidates, Assistant Professor Graeme Gilling, AMEB(WA) diploma moderator gave a talk on the high level of preparation and performance required at this level, especially to pass the FMusA which is a rare achievement.

Special diploma award winners (both achieved award with distinction) were: A J Leckie Award winner William Huxtable (Violin) for best Associate Diploma candidate in 2012 and J B Vincent Memorial Award Winner Stephanie Jones (Classical Guitar) for best eligible licentiate candidate in 2012. Stephanie could not attend the ceremony as she is studying in Canberra.

We congratulate all award winners, their teachers and their families for all the hard work that is necessary to reach these levels of achievement.

For details of all concert items and names of all award winners, please refer to the attached program.

While preliminary grade music candidates, preliminary and first grade written candidates and all speech drama and communication Ggoups who received an A+ in 2012 did not attend the awards night they still received a Certificate of Excellence and their names were included in the program.

A photographer, Mr Graham Hall took photographs during the evening of all concert performers and award winners. The photos will be available from Monday 11th March here.

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Eligible candidates for AMEB awards are

  • all music and speech individual candidates from Grade 1 to Certificate who receive an A+ (High Distinction) for their practical examination in any given examination year
  • theory, musicianship and music craft candidates from grades 2 - 3 who receive 100% for their written examination
  • theory, musicianship and music craft candidates from grade 4 upwards who receive 95% or above for their written examination
  • all music and speech diploma candidates who successfully complete both the practical and written sections of their diploma

As noted above preliminary grade music practical candidates, preliminary and first grade written candidates and all speech drama and communication groups who received an A+ in the current examination year do not attend the awards night but they still receive a Certificate of Excellence and their names are included in the program.

Candidates who fall into the above categories who pass the practical component of their examination prior to the current examination year and then pass the written additional requirement in the current year automatically become eligible. However, because of the way the information is retrieved from the database it would be prudent to contact the office and alert us to this situation if it applies to you or your candidate.

If you are unsure of any of the above information, please do not hesitate to contact the office on (+61 8) 6488 3059.


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